Working on My Life Plan

My life plan changes frequently. In the last few weeks I’ve been going to stay doing what I currently do (and love) forever, I’ve been going to move back to the UK and get into fitness and wellness, I’ve been going to travel the world, I’ve been going to carve out a career in hospital management, I’ve been going to work with my parents on their amazing social enterprise, and sometimes I’ve just been going to bury my head in Netflix and chocolate and forget it all.

But I do have some consistency – I love mountains, trekking, travel, nature, fresh air and movement. All of this makes me happy, keeps me well and at peace. So, in a bid to keep myself focussed on something, in the whirlwind that is my slightly abnormal life and my inability to decide what I’m going to do with it, I’ve made a goal, a lifetime aim, something to work towards. I’m going to climb Everest by the time I’m 40. This gives me 10 years to work up to it. Game on!